I bought a bone folder and never looked back!

My love of bookmaking is only a relatively new obsession. It all started quite suddenly without warning like all the amazing things in my life. About a year ago my nephew needed a diary. I decided I could make one for him. I had no idea how to make a book other than a stapled pamphlet.  Where does anyone go for a how to guide: YouTube, specifically a woman calling herself Sea Lemon.


Her wonderful instructions showed me how to make a Coptic Bound Book from a sketch book. I made it, gave it to my nephew and quickly decided I needed to make another. The act of bookbinding combines all my crafty loves; paper in all its forms, cutting, sewing, gluing and patience in the creation. I was addicted! Then I bought a bone folder!

Before long I had over 50 books in many differing forms. Friends and family seemed to love them and I must admit I was wondering what I was going to do with all these books.

“You could sell these at a Market” they all seemed to say; my friends not the books, and the next step in my journey began.

Some of the first books I ever made.

Some of the first books I ever made.


4 thoughts on “I bought a bone folder and never looked back!

  1. Hi – I used to make both paper and handbound books. Like you, I stumbled into it, and it quickly became a passion. I was able to incorporate dried flowers from my garden into many of the papers I made. Although I haven’t been involved with it for many years (too many other hobbies and, now, grandchildren!), I still love the craft. I hope you enjoy yours !

    • Hi Sammy, I have yet to delve into making my own paper, although I have been studying the process recently. I love making my books and figured once I didn’t enjoy it anymore, i would stop doing it. I think bookmaking is something so beautiful, functional and fun that when you discover the relatively easy process of construction it quickly takes hold of you.
      Thanks for your comment (my first one!)

      • You are welcome! I am a newbie blogger and know the excitement when you hear from a reader! When I was making paper, I did it all at home. I had drying felts, etc. but no press. I got some 2ft x 2ft metal sheets from Home Depot, put a small stack of wet sheets of paper layered with the felts between 2 sets of metal sheets, lined them up with my back tires in the driveway, then drove back and forth over them to press out the water. Good times 😝 best of lick with your blogging and book-msking.

      • That sounds like Extreme Paper making to me! 🙂

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