I bought a bone folder and never looked back!

My love of bookmaking is only a relatively new obsession. It all started quite suddenly without warning like all the amazing things in my life. About a year ago my nephew needed a diary. I decided I could make one for him. I had no idea how to make a book other than a stapled pamphlet.  Where does anyone go for a how to guide: YouTube, specifically a woman calling herself Sea Lemon.


Her wonderful instructions showed me how to make a Coptic Bound Book from a sketch book. I made it, gave it to my nephew and quickly decided I needed to make another. The act of bookbinding combines all my crafty loves; paper in all its forms, cutting, sewing, gluing and patience in the creation. I was addicted! Then I bought a bone folder!

Before long I had over 50 books in many differing forms. Friends and family seemed to love them and I must admit I was wondering what I was going to do with all these books.

“You could sell these at a Market” they all seemed to say; my friends not the books, and the next step in my journey began.

Some of the first books I ever made.

Some of the first books I ever made.