The Ultimate Bookbinding Book Review

I was looking for a bookbinding text. The descriptions publishers provide give you some idea of what a book is about, but I personally look for reviews by the real people in the world who have actually read the book. It was during my study of reviews that I came across a little gem.

Most book reviews are about the content of the book, but when you are dealing with people who actually create the binding the book is presented in, you get the committed bookbinder whose review is  about the the binding of the book! I love it!



Reviews for Manual of Bookbinding

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  • This is a print-on-demand verison Book rating:4

    Tony ChengI’ve got a copy of this book and to be surprised to find that this is a print-on-demand edition. The prints are not that clear when compared to the original edition and the binding is perfect binding instead of section-sewn paperback. Overall this is only acceptable.









Playing Favourites

My lovely man, Jeremy suggested I do a post telling everyone which one of my books is my favourite. But favourites are hard to choose.

I remember as a child, my sister and I would forever be asking my Mum which picture, we had each made that she liked the best. Disappointingly, my Mum would always reply ” I like them both the same”.

My sister and I would argue the point, but we knew what she meant – a Mum cannot play favourites with her children. It may start with a picture, but where will it end!

As a parent myself now, I understand that you can love two things equally but often for completely different reasons, that’s where it gets interesting.

People visiting my stall will sometimes ask which book is my favourite, but the question is too broad.

Is it my favourite:

  • to make?
  • to sell?
  • to admire?

My favourite to make, is the Large Leather Wrap Around Journal.


It is a large project that I must settle in with. I become acquainted with the book and its personality,  as the sewing requires patience and attention to details. I am good at attention to detail, but sometimes patience is a virtue I glimpse and hold for only short periods of time. This book forces me to stop all background noise and focus on the task at hand. The smell of the leather as I work, the sound of the thread pulling through the pages and the finished product are all the reasons for voting this book my fave to make.

My favourite type of book to sell are my Coptic Bound Books.

037 (2) (1024x683)IMG_4130new camera 083

These type of books were  the first kind I made. I love to sell these because the craftsmanship is there for all to see. The spine of the book is exposed and all the stitching I do is visible. I love the fact I can use fancy paper, children’s book illustrations, old maps or even a recycled hard bound book (see last photo with bird detail). This means they appeal to a wide variety of people.

Lastly, the most treasured of  my creations is my Hand painted Journal. It is tactile, beautiful, flexible and just the right size with lots of pages.  It also has a pocket to put all those bits of paper I collect and an extended back cover to act as a bookmark. If I was browsing my own stall these are the books I would be drawn to purchase.

hand painted journal IMG_4155 IMG_4175