The Day I Made My Own Wormhole

I think I have created a wormhole and am in danger of falling into it. You might well ask how a book binder can delve into such science, and it is because of an app that I discovered. It was not called ‘Make your own Wormhole’ but rather it is a list making app called ‘Wunderlist’.  It seemed to have enough functionality  to appeal to my organisational self so  I downloaded it and that is where my wormhole problems began.

For any list makers out there, take care, this is how it worked.  I made a list of things I needed to make a list about. Then I entered into each item on that list and made a list. But it did not stop there. Upon viewing each item on the sub list I realised i could  refine it by adding  a further to do list. To begin with I thought I may be in heaven but something tells me I may have stepped over the line and am currently on the slippery slope to entering the Wormhole.

I wonder if there are organisational experts already trapped in the wormhole who are frantically making lists to enable their escape while at the same time knowing they are creating their own inescapable tomb.

I leave you with this question, if I succeed in completing something on my to do list but don’t tick it off, did it actually happen?